Futaba Servo HPS-CB700 Car/Boat 49kg 0.07s S.BUS2/HV
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Futaba Servo HPS-CB700 Car/Boat 49kg 0.07s S.BUS2/HV
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Futaba HPS-CB700 High Performance Car/Boat Servo

A new high performance servo for 1/8 scale cars & boats. The new Futaba HPS-CB700 is the most powerful RC car servo Futaba have ever designed. It has an impressive 49kg of torq & a blistering 0.07 s/60° of speed @ 7.4V. Additionally the CB700 uses a new HPS brushless motor that is developed to draw the least current possible and produce very little heat. The HPS-CB700 is also fully compatible with the ultra-fast SR mode used in radios such as the T7XC & T7PX!

If you want a servo for 1/5 scale racing cars - use the BLS373SV!



  • HPS Brushless Digital Motor 
  • Aluminium Case
  • Metal Gears
  • Ball Bearings
  • Water & Dust Protection
  • Low-wear potentiometer
  • HV (High Voltage)
  • S.BUS2 compatible
  • T-FHSS SR compatible (Super Response)
  • Operating Voltage: 6-7.4V
  • Speed: 0.075s/60° (@ 7.4V) - 0.09s/60° (@ 6V)
  • Torque: 49kg/cm (@ 7.4V) - 42kg/cm (@ 6V)
  • Size: 40.5 x 21 x 37.8 mm
  • Weight: 76g

The HPS-CB700 is programmable using the S.BUS2 technology allowing you to adjust it's parameters. Note that all S.BUS2 servos can be connected to conventional receivers with PWM modulation.

You can communicate to the HPS-CB700 in these ways:

  1. Through the S.BUS receiver
  2. SBC-1 programmer unit
  3. PC-Link software with the USB adapter CIU-2/3.
  4. At the S.BUS connection of the transmitter

Following servo parameters can be adjusted:

  • S.BUS channel assignment
  • Servo reverse
  • Servo type
  • Soft start (on / off)
  • Mode selection in case of signal failure - Hold or Free
  • Soft servo run (on / off)
  • Servo position (servo tester)
  • Servo speed
  • Deadband
  • Servo travel adjustment separated left and right
  • Starting power
  • Attenuation
  • Holding force
  • ID storage

Produktart: RC Servos

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