Dash R-Tune V3 (Modified type) 540 Sensored Brushless Motor 4.5T
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Dash R-Tune V3 (Modified type) 540 Sensored Brushless Motor 4.5T
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Dash have officially unveiled their new R-Tune V3 modified brushless motor.
The next generation of the R-Tune features a high airflow aluminium can with arrow-shaped cut-outs for improved cooing efficiency, a lower weight and minimized power fading during a run even in high ambient temperatures. In addition the can also features a special slot to meet the homologation requirements of IFMAR, ROAR and EFRA. The V3 motor will feature the same 2019 Reedy Race winning stator for a much lower internal resistance, an increase in torque and overall performance. The motor also features a balanced 12.3mm rotor to ensure a smooth power delivery with optional rotors being available to fine-tune the characteristics of the motor. The V3 will hit stores in 4.5T and 5.0T winding variants.

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